Purchase sports insurance for table tennis

Purchasing table tennis insurance is not just a formality, but a guarantee of receiving insurance payouts in the event of an insurance case. Insurance, as well as medical examination has become an integral part of regional, national and international table tennis competitions.  

Insurance compensations in table tennis

Sports insurance, depending on the type of policy, can defray the costs of emergency medical care and transportation to a medical facility. Insurance payouts can compensate the costs of outpatient and inpatient treatment and allow tennis players to undergo a full course of rehabilitation. Insurance companies may also pay for diagnostic procedures and medicines, if this option is included in the insurance contract.

What affects the price of table tennis insurance

The price of an insurance policy for table tennis depends on several factors:

  • Risk of injuries. Each sport has its own grade of risks. Skiers, for example, get injured more often than chess players.
  • Insurance period. A yearly insurance policy is more expensive than short-term one.
  • Athlete’s age. It is impossible to purchase children’s insurance for a standard price. Insurance for young athletes is a quite expensive product.
  • Insured amount. Bigger amounts of insurance compensations mean higher prices of insurance policies.

Where to purchase table tennis insurance

There are a lot of companies in the insurance market, but the best opportunity of purchasing insurance is special online services where you can calculate the price without being offered any additional options and register insurance for table tennis within just a few minutes. SPORT.INSURE offers you an intuitive online calculator, a small questionnaire with a minimum number of paragraphs to fill and easy way of making payment. 

The price of sports insurance for table tennis