Children’s insurance for tug of war

Tug of war is not just an exciting game, it's an independent sport where teenagers learn to work in a team, take on responsibility for themselves and their friends, train their endurance and strength, and also get used to healthy lifestyle. Children’s tug of war insurance is the key condition when a child joins a sports club, because according to the legislation all children who go in for sports must have insurance policies.

All-day children’s insurance

Our website offers you all-day children’s insurance for tug of war. Such certificate doesn’t have any time or area restrictions. It provides full insurance coverage for the entire duration of the contract. Here are some advantages of 24 hour insurance:

  • Insurance policy is valid worldwide.
  • Insurance certificate is accepted for regular training sessions.
  • Certificate is valid during sports competitions and at training camps.
  • Insurance covers accidents that might occur in everyday life.

Having bought 24 hour children's insurance online, parents can be sure that they will be compensated in case of any injury sustained by their child, regardless of the time and place of the accident.

Sports schools require the children to be insured

Every coach at sports school or club is obliged to demand the parents to insure their children. This requirement is dictated by the current law, which obliges sports schools to insure the children. Children's insurance for tug of war can be registered for one athlete or for the whole team. Today, representatives of sports schools often insure the children themselves, but in this case, parents should control what kind of insurance schools get, because the minimum insurance package has limited coverage.

The price of children’s insurance for tug of war