Sports insurance for tug of war

Tug of war is a sport where teams compete in their strength and endurance. It has developed into a separate sport and many competitions of different level are held. Tug of war insurance is one of the main conditions for participation in tournaments, because this sport has certain risks of physical injuries which sometimes lead to serious health consequences.

The most common injuries in tug of war. Causes of injuries

The most common injuries in tug of war are hand injuries. Participants can cut their hands by the rope, sustain shoulder or elbow joint dislocation and face serious injuries if the rope gets torn. Tug of war athletes often face the following injuries:

  • Knee injuries.
  • Sprained ankle.
  • Spinal injuries.

Tug of war insurance covers all possible risks of injuries within the contract validity. You can purchase sports insurance online on our website within a few minutes. This gives our customers an opportunity to cover themselves with insurance right before the start of the competitions.

Coverage of accident insurance

Accident insurance for tug of war has worldwide coverage and is available for athletes from any country of the world. The coverage of different insurance policies may include various risks of accidents. Having purchased accident insurance, an athlete can receive monetary compensation in the following cases:

  • Medium physical injuries.
  • Serious physical injuries.
  • Temporary disability.
  • Permanent disability.
  • Death.

Online insurance is recommended not only for participation in sports competitions, but also for daily training sessions. In this case, compensations will be paid in the event of sustaining slight injuries which are not uncommon in this sport.

Types of sports insurance

Our sports insurance service offers athletes several types of insurance policies for tug of war. The following types of insurance are available for purchase:

  • For certain competitions (24 hours – few days).
  • For daily training sessions (1 year).
  • Travel insurance (duration of stay in a foreign country).

On our website you can purchase both adult and children’s insurance for tug of war. Child insurance provides additional insurance conditions with maximum insurance coverage.

An electronic insurance policy issued by our service has full legal force and is a legal document that allows you to receive an insurance payout in case of sustaining any type of physical injury. Before you purchase a policy, please read carefully the Insurance Rules and check the list of insurance risks. All information is available on our website.

The price of sports insurance for tug of war