Purchase sports insurance for tug of war

Purchase of tug of war insurance is required for participation in competitions of any level, as well as for joining a sports school or club. If you are in urgent need for insurance, than online insurance is the only option. An electronic policy can be registered within a few minutes and you can buy it for an attractive price without leaving home.

Insurance functions and pricing factors

Online insurance is an official document that has the same functions as standard paper certificates. If an accident occurs, the insurance company pays out money compensation to the insured person. The amount of compensation is calculated individually for each application. Insurance payouts are provided in case of accidents which are included in insurance coverage.

The price of an electronic insurance certificate for tug of war depends on the following factors:

  • Insurance period.
  • Number of additional options.
  • Insured amount.
  • Kind of sports.
  • Athlete’s age.

By entering all these data in the online calculator form which you can find on our website, you will find out the final price of insurance. You can choose any payment method you like. It is possible to apply for group tug of war insurance online, regardless of the participants’ citizenship and age. Each of them will get individual insurance certificate which will contain all necessary personal data.

Insurance payouts in tug of war

In order to receive insurance payout, athletes or their representatives have to apply to the insurance company for compensation in the event of an insurance case. When submitting an application, you need to provide a report from a medical institution, passport data and your insurance contract. If compensation is approved, funds can be transferred to the applicant's bank account within 14 days from the date of application.

The price of sports insurance for tug of war