Purchase sports insurance for sailing

Both professional and amateur athletes have to purchase sailing insurance in order to get access to training sessions, training camps, local or international competitions. Insurance is available for adult and younger fans of water sports. The price of a policy depends not only on the age of the insured person, but also on the insurance period and insured amount of the contract. Sports insurance can be issued for any period from one day up to one year.

The agreement between the insurance company and the client determines the percentage of the total insured amount is paid out to the insured person in each situation. The amount of compensation depends on the type of sustained injury according to the table of payments. The maximum amount of compensation is provided in case of disability or death of the insured athlete.

The legislation of Russia allows you to register sailing insurance online, saving your time and money. SPORT.INSURE employees are ready to explain you the legal and financial aspects of the document and offer you different insurance options. This can be accident insurance or travel insurance. Various types of policies differ in price and insurance coverage. Contact our experts and buy a policy for an attractive price without wasting your time.

The price of sports insurance for sailing