Sports insurance for sailing

Sailing insurance is an important thing for every person involved in this popular sport. Firstly it is needed to enter a sports club as most of the coaches and managers don’t allow uninsured athletes to participate in training sessions. Secondly, insurance is a significant financial support for an athlete who has suffered from an injury.

There are numerous varieties of sailing competitions. All of them are associated with a certain risk of injury, falling into cold water, drowning and facing sea predators. This is a very dangerous type of sports activities. Therefore, sports insurance is required as a guarantee of monetary compensations that can defray unavoidable expenses in the event of an accident.

Injuries in sailing

As in all other sports on the natural water surface, there is a risk of falling into cold water. The consequences of hypothermia are unpredictable. Professional athletes often suffer from inflammatory diseases, myalgia and neuralgia. Salt water is harmful for skin, mucous membranes and eyes. Sprains and dislocations are possible. Bone fractures are quite rare.

Purchasing accident insurance, an athlete signs an agreement, according to which he or she will be paid a certain percentage of the insured amount, depending on the type of physical injury and its consequences.

Coverage of sailing insurance

The necessity of sports insurance for sailing is dictated by the guarantees provided by the insurance company. The conditions are negotiated individually with each client. In particular, our company gives you an opportunity to get covered with insurance for any period of up to one year. Often clients are often interested in the opportunity to purchase accident insurance, voluntary health insurance or insurance which is valid in foreign countries for the duration of competition and other sports events. This is a convenient and inexpensive option that does not demand you to collect numerous papers.

Group insuring is possible, but insurance contracts have to be signed separately by each participant. Such a policy may include additional items. Some paragraphs can be excluded due to the specificity of the sport.

Insurance is available not only for professional athletes. There are attractive options for young athletes. Such protection is especially important for them, taking into account increased risks due to the lack of skills.

The amount of insurance compensation is calculated as a percentage of the total insured amount. It depends on the type of injury or disease. 100% of the insured amount is provided in case of disability or death.

The price of sports insurance for sailing