Children’s insurance for sailing

Why children’s sailing insurance is required and where to purchase it? Insurance has become a necessary paper in all sports schools and clubs of the country. The verification of children’s insurance is the task of club managers or coaching staff. If a violation is detected, the coach will be responsible for it and will be at least forced to resign from the position. The parents will have to spend their own money for treatment.

Sailing is a confrontation of the elements which is tough for any person. There is always a risk of falling into the water and this may lead to unpredictable consequences. That’s why sports insurance should be registered for the whole period of sports activities. You should remember that children are more prone to injuries than adults. There will be no one to blame if a child gets injured because of lack of experience and skills.

Terms and conditions of children’s sailing insurance

Our company offers you to purchase children’s sports insurance for sailing for any period of time. For example, you can register insurance for the duration of a certain youth tournament, for the season or for the whole year. The amount of compensations depends on the nature of the sustained injuries and on the insured amount of the contract. Experts estimate the severity of injury sustained by the insured person, determine the time of recovery and required treatment. Depending on the type of certificate, insurance compensations can defray the costs of medical services, including hospitalization, diagnostic procedures, surgery, purchase of medicines and other special means.

Applying to SPORT.INSURE, parents of a young athlete can get detailed consultations and learn which options should be added to the contract and which can be excluded in order to save the money.

The price of children’s insurance for sailing